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Salmon’s Furniture was founded in 1957 by Jim and Lenore Salmon. Its original location was 319 N. Douty St., next to Superior Dairy. In 1962 Salmon’s moved across Courthouse Square, next to the Hanford Fox Theater at 320 N. Irwin St. Salmon’s finally moved to its current downtown location, 112 E. Seventh St., in 1973. The Salmon family bought and purchased the Davie’s Machinery 35,000 sq. ft. building and transformed it into a furniture store with extensive remodeling, including vignetted areas that displayed complete room settings. Salmon’s Furniture was one of the first stores to vignette its displays, which presents furniture in rooms as it would be in your home. Settings would be complete with bedspreads, lamps, dishes, napkins, artwork – right down to the ash trays (circa ’60s and ’70s). Salmon’s future was suddenly challenged on July 10, 2001 while updating and remodeling the interior and exterior of the furniture showcase. Nearing the end of the remodel, while installing a new roof on the building, a fire broke out in the process and destroyed the entire building, including its contents, and 44 years of history. Salmon’s is truly the showplace of the Central Valley, as the store attracts 70% of its customer base from outside of Hanford’s city limits. Our sales and customer support staff are the finest you ever will encounter in a furniture environment, as they are there to serve you 360 days a year. By carrying on the practices of the past, Salmon’s Furniture, as you know it today, has been successful and continued to grow in a very competitive furniture industry.